Small Groups


Book Club


Day: Tuesday (2nd of the month)

Time: 7:30pm

Place: Ministry Centre

Sharing, discussing, challenging and laughing

Our book club, Emerald Bookworms, meets once a month.  We borrrow the reading sets of books from a local library, so our books have been quite diverse over the years.  Some are set in Australia, while others come from Asia, Europe, Africa, India, Britain and the United States, so we also gain an understanding of how others see the world.  While most are fiction, the genres are varied and include mystery, thriller, romance, family sagas, historical, war, human interest, detective, biograhpy and comedy.

The breadth of ages, backgrounds and experiences in our group ensures that our discussions are interesting, open, lively and often challenging, usually punctuated by fun and laughter.

In reading about and discussing other people in times and places different from our own, and sometimes in similar situations, we are challenged to appreciate the views of others and also to re-examine our own lives and value systems.

Contact Ros on 0412 247 826 for further details.



Day: Wednesday

Time: 10:00am

Place: Ministry Centre

Time on your hands to enjoy new friends?

Would you like to while away the time with relaxing activities and games?

Enjoy a chat or sharing a yarn, listening to others and sharing your own story, or if you just want someone to talk with?

And for those of us who still like a‘ little something’ with a CUPPA, morning tea is provided.

Contact our Office for further details